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Brazil Lake Cobalt

Property Location

Historic trench above the adit. Quartz vein is exposed in the middle of the trench and massive sulphides are on the right side.

The Brazil Lake Cobalt project is located in the Sudbury mining district in north-central Ontario and is comprised of three claims totalling 32 units covering approximately 512 hectares. One grab sample near a historic adit on the property taken by the Ontario Geological Survey returned 9.16 per cent cobalt and 3.56 per cent nickel (K.D. Card (1976) geology of the Espanola-Whitefish Falls area, geoscience report 131).

Noted Geology

The area is underlain by the calcareous siltstone and limestone of the Espanola Formation and a Nipissing-type gabbro body (Card 1984). The Brazil Lake mineralised occurrence, which consists of cobaltite, pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite is hosted in a quartz-carbonate vein located at the contact between the hornfels calcareous unit and the intruded metamorphosed gabbro. The vein is 12 m wide and can be followed over several hundreds of meters. Pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite are mostly found within the vein, whereas cobaltite is found along the walls of the vein, in association with actinolite an amphibolite mineral.

Close view of sample FO16-05. Each bar on the 6scale measures 1mm.

At the site of the vein, an adit of about 28 m long has been driven into a hill and a large rock dump exists at the mouth of the adit. Above the adit, the quartz vein cutting gabbroic rock and containing massive blocks of sulphides (pyrrhotine, chalcopyrite and pyrite) is exposed in an historic trench. Please visit the website for further information on Brazil Lake.

Fall 2016 Sampling

5 grab samples were collected nearby the adit and the old trench in November, 2016. Grab sample FO16-05 returned 1.47% Co and 1.47 g/t Au, as well as anomalous values in Nickel (0.5%) and Palladium (0.436ppm). This sample was taken on the quartz-carbonate vein wall and is also characterized with high arsenic content (4.58%). Description and assays of samples below:

Sample Description Co ppm/% Au ppm Cu ppm Ni ppm Pd ppm As ppm
FO16-01 Fine grained, black rock and quartz with traces of sulphides (chalcopyrite) 33 0.034 41.4 33.5 <0.001 9.4
FO16-02 White, quartz vein 1.2 0.001 5.1 2.8 <0.001 6.5
FO16-03 Dark green, fine to medium grained metagabbro 47.2 0.002 57.3 79.5 <0.001 35
FO16-04 Gray, fine grained limestone 48.9 0.001 48.3 89.2 <0.001 13.6
FO16-05 Metagabbro with acicular actinolite and quartz-carbonates (brownish ankerite), (Figure 3) 1.47% 1.73 475 5040 0.436 4.58%


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